Natural Hand Whisk Broom

$ 30

A natural hand whisk, this broom is made entirely by hand of natural broomcorn and nylon twine, and includes a loop for hanging. The clean and simple design looks right at home in eclectic surroundings as well as minimalist spaces. Functional and effective as a home cleaning tool, it is also ideal for use in rituals and ceremonies, for keeping on altars, and as home décor.

approx. final dimensions: 13” tall x 5” wide

CARE TIPS: Hang your broom or lay it flat, never propped up on its bristles. This will prolong its life and longevity. To clean it, simply wipe away debris and cobwebs with your hand or a dry cloth.

Though many of our brooms are made with specific intentions for use, they are all incredibly versatile. Display one in any room as a unique piece of art and for quick access. Cobwebbers are excellent for reaching around fixtures like lights and curtain rods, under couches and behind furniture, and around porch railings and pergola slats. Smaller or more stiff-bristled whisks are perfect for kitchen counter crumbs, piles of dirt and dust bunnies, and brushing pet hair off furniture. They can be used to sweep dirt out of the bed, clean out the nooks and crannies of your car, and scourge your window tracks. There is a place and a use for every broom!

Brooms have been considered magickal tools for ages by nearly all spiritual practices. Full-size besoms are often used to clear entire rooms of stale or negative energies, while smaller whisks can be kept at one’s altar for fanning cleansing smoke, clearing small circles, ushering spirits through portals, connecting with ancestors, and simply for sweeping up the dried herbs and ashes often used in ritual and prayer.

Each item is handmade one at a time, with intention, start to finish. I use very basic tools, no machines, and no batch-making, to ensure that each broom is completely unique in style, design, and intent.

Handmade in Eugene, OR by Hearth Caft Brooms

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