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Protection + Cleansing - Herb, Resin, and Beeswax Dipped Sage Bundles

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These are a combination bundle of sage, a candle, and an herbal intention spell.

The sage bundles are sourced from Indigenous, sustainable farms in California unless otherwise noted, and the beeswax is direct from beekeepers but tinted with candle color.

*White Sage, Black Beeswax, Lavender Flowers, Palo Santo Resin, Blackthorn

This combination aligns with the Sun, Mars, and Saturn and is excellent for energetic, emotional, and physical boundary setting. It could also be used for hexing or a "return to sender" but of course, it also smells amazing.


*White Sage, Black Beeswax, Heather Flowers, Dragon's Blood Resin

This combination aligns with the Sun, Mercury, and Mars which is particularly good for protection against abusive people, glamour magic, self confidence, and setting energetic and communication boundaries. It can also help give a magickal boost to other rituals during your workings and bringing more confidence in your own abilities.  


Light the sage and set the burning leaves onto a non-flammable container (like a traditional abalone shell, stone bowl, metal dish, etc.)

Some practices wave a feather above, to further enhance and fan the smoldering sacred scents into the air, while saying a personal mantra and envision the space being cleansed. Other traditions use these outdoors, in sacred spaces, or an overall energetic maintenance. 

It is suggested to open windows and doors and ensure the smoke is moved in all corners of the room. It is said if a door or window has not been opened, that the spirits being moved out may not have a place to exit. Make sure the bundle is put out when complete and do not leave unattended while burning.