Hydrosols - Calendula, Frankincense, Neroli, Rose, White Rose, Sweetgrass, Lavandin, or Lemon Balm

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Hydrosols are a natural balancing toner that are the remnants of essential oils. No essential oil is contained in a hydrosol, making it a very safe and gentle product to use directly on the skin to tone and bring moisture balance.

One of the few products we don’t make by hand, these hydrosols must be distilled with the utmost care and highest grade materials. We source from reputable makers from some very well known locations for their master plant. The most well known hydrosol is Witch Hazel.

Feel confident using them in your potions, as aromatherapy, or for their most widely used purpose, which is for skin toning. 


Shake well, use on clean skin, and spritz onto face and/or neck with your eyes closed. Use caution not to get into your eyes or mouth. Safe for use on other areas of skin. 
*discontinue use if irritation occurs.


**sustainable, eco-conscious, vegan

**Get your discount on the re-use of container when brought back into our local store.

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