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Lilith Crescent Coffin Ring - Sterling Silver

Sale price$ 65.00

This sterling silver Lilith ring represent the dark goddess in two simple symbols as a an ancient Mesopotamian she-demon aka as the mother of vampires, or Lilith as seen as the Dark Moon of Astrology. Whatever you associate with Lilith, she has quite a following in the world of witchcraft for her directness and boundaries. 

"First wife of Adam, and equal to him, both made in the image of Elohim (god/dess).

She is known for symbols of the rod and ring of Sumerian royalty. Lions and owls symbolize her power and wisdom.

Levite priests who assembled the Bible called Lilith a demon, most likely due to her assertive behavior at a time when male dominance was relatively new.

A sensual goddess, she gathered men into the temple for sexual rituals, but refused to assume the missionary position. Lilith was considered powerful by Babylonians, Hebrews, and Muslims alike."

From the maker (13th Floor Art)

This was made by hand near Portland, OR with the Lost Wax Casting method of jewelry making.