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(PDX Event) Ceramic Wall Shelf Altar Workshop - Saturday, November 25th, 2023 (4:30 pm - 7:30 pm)

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This is the third in a small series of ritual pottery classes where you will make your sacred ceramic items from start to greenware (ready for their first firing). These will be in a hand building style which is acceptable for any age and any experience with ceramics. We will go over some carving and design ideas or you may choose to have simple, clean designs.

You will make 1 wall alter shelf for standing or hanging with maximum dimensions of 12" x 2". This will be done with both a slab construction as well as coil building and blending
There is creative freedom on what these items will look like. I provide the basics of construction and what will and won't work, while you can form or decorate them any way you desire. Endless possibilities of aesthetic, design, or sigil workings.  
(There will be the option of taking your shelf home and completing if you do not finish in the allowed time.)

**They will then be taken to my private ceramics studio where I will fire them, and glaze them with either clear glaze, or your selected sample glaze that can be chosen during the class. This can take a couple of weeks depending on the weather, back-up of the kiln, and how busy the kiln use is, so plan to not have these completed for at least 2 weeks after the class.

This is different than a standard paint you own ceramics, as you will be hand fabricating these items for yourself or for gifting to others. Why take this in a witch store instead of a full pottery class?... other witches are there and you will be able to discuss all things witchy with no worries about what anyone else thinks. Sit and chat about your practice and get ideas from other witches.

This workshop comes with the materials you need for making your items and how many that is, depends on the sizes of the objects your make.

This class with be held at the store at 1902 NE Broadway in Portland, OR.

This is a very limited event and materials will be made and purchased for the event so there is no refunds on the event.