Portal, Florida Water and Road Opener: Intentional Essential Oil Blend - For Diffusors, Anointing, & Spellwork

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This one is one of our most haunting scents of our Portal Floor Wash / Florida Water but contain NO poison plant or baneful herbs (Please note our Floor Wash and Florida Water DOES contain poison plants and is not intended for skin).

This essential oil blend is based on our customer favorite, house-made florida water. We intended this to be used in a diffusor, but can also be added to a carrier oil.

(This does contain some citrus oils, and can burn the skin if used in excess and exposed to the sun. Please make sure to always blend with a carrier oil in the proper dilution).

Glamour magick is a fun way to add to your arsenal of functional tools on the go, and you can smell like that Witch you are. Now you can also bring this to your home and magickal practice.

Directions: Use 3-5 drops in an essential oil diffusor, or 10 drops per 1/2 oz of carrier oil.


Contains a proprietary blend of essential oils. Contains no carrier oil. 


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