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True, Raw Selenite Chunks (100 - 125 g)

Sale price$ 30.00

Looking for a crystal that can help you purify and cleanse your energy field?

Meet True Raw Selenite – the perfect tool for any energy worker or crystal lover.

Real Raw Selenite is known for its ability to clear energy blockages and promote fluidity in your energy field. Its high vibrations can uplift your spirit and guide you to a higher state of being. Not only does True Selenite have powerful effects on the human energy field, but it can also help purify and cleanse your home and crystals. If you're looking for an all-in-one tool to help improve your energy flow, Real Raw Selenite is a great choice.

Note - most selenite on the market is actually satin spar, not selenite.  It is still a beautiful mineral and we use selenite as a keyword for satin spar bowls as it's commonly known to be selenite.